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bathroom designs for the elderly

Walk-in Tub in an open layout with an open vanity/sink combination that allows wheelchair accessibility.

Walk-in stall shower 

Walk-in stall shower with adjustable shower head and a bench.

Handicap/ ADA approved Bathroom

Walk-in shower build directly on floor level with an open glass enclosure for easy access.

Walk-in shower

This corner walk-in shower allows easy access even in a smaller bathroom with wall mounted grab bars, adjustable shower head, lower positioned corner shelves and a shower curtain for privacy.

Accessible Bathroom Design and Remodeling for the Elderly and Handicapped

ADA Bathroom DesignADA Bathroom Design Guidelines 
Universal Design

If you are physically disabled, or if you have ever had to use crutches, you know first-hand, just how difficult it is to maneuver in and around a typical bathroom. Building codes are changing in regard to accessibility to public facilities for physically challenged people. In 1990, the Americans with Disabilities Act developed building guidelines for public facilities and businesses to follow in order to accommodate individuals with disabilities.  

Yet, many people are beginning to implement the guidelines in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), when designing residential bath areas as well.

Having ADA bathroom design can be a plus in the resale of your home, as well as a godsend in the event you or a family member should become disabled. Bathroom re modelers and designers refer to this accessible and adaptable design as Universal Design. It is affordable and attractive, creating safe environment for you and your family.

Solution People Inc offers a complete range of handicapped bathroom renovations that will give easy access to every component of your bathroom. Our constructions include:

                                  Accessible bathroom sinks and vanities

Toilet grab bar
Handicapped accessible bathroom showers
accessible bathrooms
ADA acrylic tub liners
Tub door insert kits

Basic guidelines for accessible bathroom designs for the elderly and handicapped:  

·                     Doorways must be a minimum of 32 inches wide to accommodate wheelchairs and walkers. Doors should swing out rather than in, with clearance on both sides. This is in case someone falls in the bathroom and blocks the doorway. But ADA bathroom design standards for doorways make it easier for those in wheel chairs or crutches to move easily into the room and close the door. Pocket doors may also be used.

·                      The threshold of the doorway should be even with the adjacent floor.

·                      Provide for an area large enough to hold a five-foot circle to allow a wheelchair 360-degree turn. Consider installing a barrier-free shower.

·                     Make sure a wheelchair can roll up to the sink with knee room underneath. Do not block access with a vanity cabinet. Make sure shelves, baskets and trays are at accessible heights from a seated position.

·                     Avoid hard-to-open latches and door handles. Consider using lever handles.

·                     Mount bathtub faucet controls toward the entry side of the tub where they can be reached easily.

·                     Add accessible faucets, such as single-handle or lever type that do not require a strong grip to operate.

·                     Add a wall-mounted handheld showerhead, preferably mounted on a slide bar so someone of any height can use it.

·                      Install a seat at the head of the tub or inside the shower enclosure.

·                      Consider installing a programmable faucet that limits water temperature to prevent scalding.

·                     Make sure that lighting is bright when needed, but provide for a low level alternative so that someone isn't blinded by it in the middle of the night.

·                    Provide wall-mounted grab bars both in the toilet area and in the tub and/or shower. Use "L" shaped, horizontal and/or vertical bars.

·                      Choose impact-resistant tub and shower enclosures.

·                     Be certain that all flooring materials are non-slip, including throw rugs.

·                      Use door locks that can be opened from outside in case of emergency.

·                     Toilets should be a height without the seat of either 16 ½ inches (used in residential construction) or 18 inches (used in commercial construction) to make it easier for someone in a wheel chair.


At SOLUTION PEOPLE INC , we specialize in creating handicapped accessible bathrooms that will ensure everyone in your home is able to use the bathroom in privacy. We're an ADA bathroom design and construction company, and will soon have your home outfitted with a handicapped bathroom that works well and looks great too.

With any accessible bathroom renovation, you can always count on Solution People Inc to ensure that your bathroom's every component is safe, secure and easily accessible. Your disabled family member or loved one will be able to use the bathroom unaided, with dignity and ease.

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